The Riviera del Conero (pronounced Cònero) is the high and rocky stretch of Adriatic coast that from the port of Ancona comes up to the port of Numana. Its name comes from Monte Conero that forms the homonymous promontory overlooking the sea, full of coves and small rocky or stony beaches.

The territory is protected by the Conero Regional Park, that was founded like the first regional park in Marche.

The coast of the Riviera del Conero is high, jagged and rocky and it cuts in half the long strip of low and straight coasts that from Trieste go up to Gargano.

Villages being part of it are the four having at least a part of their territory on the Conero promontory. Three of them, Ancona, Sirolo and Numana divide administratively the coast; the fourth, Camerano, although not facing the sea, is geographically and culturally always been included in the Conero area.

The Monte Conero boasts 5800 hectares for natural park ( Conero Regional Park), mostly covered with lush woods, vineyards and olive groves. Woods are made up of maquis and there are arbutus (from whose greek name-Komaros- it derives the “Conero” name); there are also many holm-oaks, wild pistachios, mastic trees, red junipers and brooms.

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